joi, 28 februarie 2008

Let's get high on Spring

I almost can't believe what suckers we are for Spring. Each year, although scientifically documented that around March the weather gets warmer and daylight lasts longer, we get high on Spring.

For a few days now, I get amazed at leaving the office while there's still daylight. I walk outside and stare at trees and buildings like a savage out of the jungle. It's as if my eyes are still adjusting to the light after the long dark winter.

So many possibilities arise, it's as if I suddenly have more time to live, as nighttime is farther away. I foolishly take joy in each colour, in each little flower and every new scent.

So, each morning I get all cracked up about wearing lighter clothes, with little bows or lace or any other cute little detail. I like to see flowers and colourful kitschy spring gifts vendors on the street, to sneak peaks at the Price guys that I would not notice during winter, to go outside during lunch break just to take a sniff of spring and to take the longer way home so I can go through the park.

It's like a little crush, I start to act funny and unlike myself, I'm up for the silliest things, I get up in the morning feeling smarter and :) overall, I am annoyingly optimistic.

(and :) I sometimes post stuff in English)

Enjoy your spring and :) the funny sensations it offers !

3 comentarii:

Anonim spunea...

primavara este ca un curcubeu ce renaste dupa iarna..parca sa ne lumineze in feicare zi si sa aduca multa ii simtim savoarea nemaintalnita in niciun anotimp..dietetica si iese din pamant si ajunge direct in inimile nostre..primavara parca da refresh in circuitele noastre incinse..

E. Adam spunea...

Din liceu nu te-am mai auzit vorbind in engleza:).Intr-adevar primavara "da refresh in circuitele noastre incinse.." asa cum a fost scris mai sus.Primavara si toamna sunt si anotimpurile dragostei.Dar momentan sa ne bucuram de primavara si sa ne reincarcam baterile.
Eu oricum ma simt ca un urs iesit din barlog dupa o iarna lunga.

momo spunea...

get the new spirit! "primavaratic" one!:))