luni, 27 aprilie 2009

The Noticer - Andy Andrews

Sometimes, all a person needs is a little perspective. A change in perspective can make for a change in destiny.

Andy introduces us to a series of characters going through rough time in their lives. When they could see no way out, a magical character – Jones – helps them see solutions for success. Jones is a character who only appears when needed; he likes to keep a low profile, and steps down as soon as his mission is accomplished. He knows his the people he helps very well, without having directly interacted with them before stepping in to help him. This is because Jones is a Noticer; he notices people – their good parts and the parts they have an opportunity to improve.

Jones’ (or rather Andy’s) classification of how people love particularly raised my interest. I did notice differences in the way people understand, and offer, love. Knowing whether your partner is a puppy, a cat, a fish or a canary can make the difference between happy marriage or divorce.

While I find the book to be a good basis for self-reflection, the way it is written is not my style of choice. More than the lessons I learned, I expected this book to grow me some wings, at least for a short period of time. Instead, I read it calmly, as a good informative material. Also, the Jones character seems to me a little bit too science-fiction, which prevented me from empathizing with the characters and their realities.

The most important lesson is that of PERSPECTIVE. If one is having lunch on the beach, is he a poor and wretched character, or some fortunate guy enjoying the ocean view? Maybe sometimes we get so caught up in the troubles we have, that we can only see the downside, and miss and opportunities we come across.

There are other lessons as well, but I shall let you discover them. I strongly recommend the Reader’s Guide at the end, as a great thing to.. PUT THINGS INTO PERSPECTIVE.

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