marți, 8 septembrie 2009

Fearless - Max Lucado

When I signed up for reviewing Fearless, I was eager to read about the keys to mastering various fears.

Fifteen chapters, of which fourteen named each after one fear promised the recipe for a life freed from fears. Let's face it, who is not afraid of not mattering, of not protecting their families, of violence or of God not being there.

The key to a life free of fear may be in this Fearless book, written by the New York Times best selling author Max Lucado. I, however, did not have it in me to find it.

If one expects Fearless to be a captivating novel, I found that, in between all the Jesuses and Peters and quotes from the Bible, I forgot to be captivated.

There are short stories about people with whose fear we may identify, but it sounds too much like a sermon and too little like the novel for the layperson that I am.

I expected to find my strength in the stories of the book; and they are good stories, but the biblical references following them brought me to a full stop. For a patient and religious person, I recommend this book as a resource to find support in their deepest fears.