duminică, 21 octombrie 2007


Azi m'am jucat de'a reclama. Dintr'o provocare am acceptat sa produc un articolas despre un anumit ceas - vedeti la sfarsit si care - (eu si tehnica!...). Dar uite ce a iesit, sper sa va placa. Povestea nu e chiar asa din burta, ci isi trage originile din ceasul creat chiar pentru Sir John Hunt, din a carui viata veti trai franturi in cele ce urmeaza :)

Imagine opening your eyes and seeing the snow-covered Alps. No concrete buildings, just the breath-taking strong air and blinding snow. You forget you were ever some place else, someone else. Imagine military service in India, as a young British officer. A realm of opportunities lies ahead, and what is beyond reach to others lures you to reach out and get it. The world is yours to conquer. Mysteries only make you stronger, as the magical creature of Yeti reveals itself to your eyes only. The Everest alone resists, yet unconquered, untamed. You set out to submit it, your will against his, on the most awesome of adventures yet. As you grasp a breath of victory, feel the touch of old-school power on your wrist: Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer II.

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