sâmbătă, 22 noiembrie 2008

The Truth About You

It is hard to write just about the book The Truth About You (without including the personal stories and conclusions you come across when going throught it), just as it is hard to call it a book. It is more like a workbook for the self. Starting from a twenty minutes film, the book continues to the choice of one’s path in life.

We all strive to get by in life, doing the shoulds that we should, even if sometimes this implies sacrificing what we like, what drives and inspires us, in favour of more immediate and practical results.

There are three truths to be regarded as the building blocks of one’s success in life. Although they may sound intriguing at first, I came to readily understand the reasoning behind them. I shall leave you the pleasure to discover and debate them.

Most of the (work)book is structured around five ideas presented as “the best advice you’ll ever get”. The first piece of advice (Performance is always the point) I found the most useful, as it provides hands-on tools to answering the question about what we would like to do in life. I also found particularly attractive and intriguing the final piece of advice, about discovering and dealing with one’s weaknesses.

The book encloses a blocknotes, as well as special sections to be used just like a workbook, so that, when you are done going through it, there is a strong feeling of involvement, and one can hardly say he or she read a book, but rather made some decisions about their lives.

I took great pleasure and benefit in reading it. You may sneak a peak at it here.

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Anonim spunea...

Nu m-am prins de ce e textul asta in limba "lu peshte"! E scris pentru martieni? Sau iti imaginezi ca englezoii nu se mai duc la carciuma si vor navali pe blogul tau sa citeasca!?!

costina spunea...

Draga Anonimule,

eu le-am promis martienilor, pardon, englezoilor, ca am sa fac o recenzie in limba lor si o sa o postez la mine acasa si pe Barnes&Noble, iar ei au promis in schimb sa imi dea carti de-ale lor gratis.

Daca ai nevoie de ajutor cu traducerea, da-ne de veste si vedem cum te putem ajuta.

草蜢Jon spunea...

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