vineri, 2 ianuarie 2009

Book Review - The Unseen (T.L. Hines)

The Unseen poses a controversial hero, Lucas, who lives his life away from society eyes. He has no identity, no job and no home address. He spends his life hidden in ceilings and ventilation systems of public buildings, secretly spying on the lives of the people working in those buildings.

At first, I was appalled at the idea; however, the voyeur within soon began to enjoy the thrill of secretly observing the lives, habits and “totems” of people. Silent, moving smoothly, leaving no traces, Lucas feeds on food left in refrigerators after office hours. He avoinds any human encounter, his only interaction with society being the totems he likes to subtly collect from the people he watches. His only desire is to remain unseen.

Lucas appears to have grown up in an orphanage, and his interest in spending his life hidden in places hard to reach derives from the times in his childhood when he crept on the roof of the orphanage.

Reading Lucas’ story and overcoming my disagreement with his way of life, I grew to look at things through his eyes. I began to feel curiosity towards the people observed, and to feel the desire that no one interacts with me or finds my location.

Therefore, I was as startled as Lucas when his entire universe was overthrown, as he was caught in the midst of racing action, and his profile came into the spotlight, while he ducked his way through secret agents encounters and gunshots to keep his life. In the end, it all comes together to make sense, as Lucas finds the truth about his origin and chooses a new way of life.

Overall, the book kept me on my toes in a rush of suspense, adrenalin and tables turned.